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tv   Markets Now  FOX Business  January 20, 2014 11:00am-1:01pm EST

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stuart: dagen, it is yours. dagen: fox business will have extensive coverage of this. it was good to see you. clearing the way for a partial lifting of sanctions. more backlash for governor chris christie. funds for the 2012 super storm were withheld. the question is, why are we hearing about this now? the flu now widespread in 40 states. it will be the denver broncos and the seattle seahawks battling out in a frigid new jersey. welcome to the northeast.
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all of that and so much more coming up in this hour of market now. connell: welcome back, by the way. dagen: i find the winters here much worse. were they good? did people watch? ironic beginning to roll back its higher-level enrichment. country.why in some sanctions the white house says it will continue aggressive enforcement of measures that remained in place. joining us now is k.t. mcfarland and mike baker.
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that is a mouthful. you better bring it. you have been skeptical of this. are you still as skeptical? >> this is the easy part. in exchange, they have decided to freeze the program. what we want them to do is roll it back. we have now given up all of our leverage. the reality of it is one so sanctions are lifted, it is like a floodgate. the rest of the world counts. their uranium stock market went up by the end of december on a mere promise and suggestion that the sanctions would be lifted.
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once the sanctions are lifted even slightly, there will be no stopping. mike, do you agree? >> yes. i am skeptical. once you start this process, it is very hard to stop. people are always looking for a way to beat the sanctions. they will not turn back the clock just because it says we do not have transparency. that will be the biggest issue. it is nice to have this opportunity, but, frankly, wishing and hoping is not a good foreign policy process.
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dagen: do we even know kt? >> others have said as much as a year. nobody is saying five years. iran will be perceived. no matter what happens next. dagen: that is assuming that other nations trust them.
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>> that is the big question. do they decide that they will challenge it. dagen: talk about the quality of intelligence that we have coming out of iran at this point. >> kt is absolutely right. it has always been a very difficult task. we have this disconnect. we have a former ie eight executive, and officials saying two-three weeks. they have other people saying at least one year out. i think, frankly, we will be having a conversation this time next year about how the oh officials have used this effort
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to create what they want which is a nuclear weapons program. they will use some of the funds that are being released to do just that. >> iran is literally the alpha dog. >> you have a nuclear arms race. dagen: i screwed it up and it is too late to unscrew it, i guess. >> develop our own energy so we do not have to worry about them. dagen: mike, thank you.
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connell: thank you. after a record number setting by the government now forced to continue the pressure being put on businesses in this year. dagen: rich edson is in d.c. with more. >> they are collecting more than $1 billion in fines. these are only antitrust funds. the department says it collected at least $8 billion that was before jpmorgan's $13 billion settlement. >> no question that the beginning of this administration was a focus on financial services. it has just taken a long time for them to mature.
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what they are really focus on is bringing more of these cases to deter this kind of conduct. rich: the u.s. collected $1 billion in antitrust funds in 2013. the eu had businesses with 2.5 billion. that to you. connell: thank you. a little football for you now. we talked a little bit about the ratings. huge numbers. these are really big. the second highest rating on. the broncos headed to the superbowl for the first time in 17 years. peyton manning was terrific yesterday. he missed the entire season with a herniated neck.
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the first cold-weather superbowl in history. one of many storylines. dagen: is it not amazing? he has been able to come back from that. >> of course. this is the best season a quarterback has ever had joined the ball. will he step aside? dagen: let's hope that the stadium out in jersey brings page and more luck than it has eli. all right. the seattle seahawks outlasting san francisco 49ers 23-17. it came down to the wire.
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this will be seattle's second superbowl appearance. one other note about all of this, broncos and seahawks, it looks like they will be joined by roger goodell. he will sit outside with the fans during the game at the stadium. the latest forecast saying 47 degrees. roger goodell, forget about this luxury box. he will sit outside with the fans. something i would not do, by the way. dagen: if somebody gave you the ticket, but it was not a great seat, you would go, wouldn't you? connell: no.
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no i would not. i might. i have no desire to go. i always say that if the jets are in it, i will go. i know it won't happen. dagen: i would go. i am still hoping it is a plague of locusts and frogs. i hope it is the worst weather they have ever seen on superbowl sunday. the latest on the person behind the malware used in that target breed. connell: there is shortage and now a recall on bella vita. dagen: zero my gosh. before the superbowl two. ♪
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♪ connell: the bottom line. the target hack the case may be far from being solved. dagen: we have some disturbing new details.
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peter: the internet cyber security expert. he broke the nose about the hack at target. it is claiming that this russian teenager broke the malware. here is what we know so far. what happened is there could be this group or one individual potentially in odessa, ukraine, who is behind the attack. that is what we are hearing according to sources close to the matter. it went into targets own machine
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then directed the data from debit and credit cards to a website that was also used in the attack. then the information was downloaded from the website to servers in russia. that is what we are hearing so far. typically, when russia is involved here, they use a chain of fixed companies. we will stay on top of the story as it develops. also, the target hack the tears to be separate from the attack on union markets. we will bring you the latest as it comes in. dagen: after all of that, everybody, well, some people rather were worried about a velveeta shortage. now the government is warning that some velveeta products may
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be dangerous to you. the usda announcing on sunday more than 1 million pounds of microwavable craft velveeta cheesy skillets are taken off the market. these are substances that people could be allergic to. the cheesy skillets contain hydrolyzed soy protein. connell: this kind of feels like cool runnings. they still need a little bit of help in order to get there. the donation site has raised 20 grand plus so far. there are numerous other sites. this is the first time jamaican bobsled team qualified for the
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games since 2002. they are back. dagen: a new jersey mayor of a sandy flooded town says governor chris christie helped keep relief fund hostage. connell: though flew across the united states. it is widespread now across 40 states. that is just ahead on markets now. ♪ [ me announcer ] this is the story
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>> i am lauren green with your fox news minute. a new series of bombing today. many of the explosions happening in baghdad. one official says the terrorist group possesses enough heavy weaponry to storm the capital city. brand-new video showing help from an american held captive in north korea. a 15 year sentence being served.
11:23 am
a massive earthquake rattling new zealand's north island. luckily, no one was hurt in that incident. those are your headlines. back to connell. connell: thank you very much. dagen: charles payne has a few warning signs that you should be looking at. did you spend all weekend trying to pin that? charles: we sell these earnings last weekend. people can actually see month.
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there are three things i want people to check. poor execution. earnings estimates, see what the street is looking for. i would like to go for the whole year. typically these things are starting to edge lower. wall street does not catch up quickly. i have picked out to companies from last week that i think are great examples of this. elizabeth arden. the chart was a huge red flag in november 27. when it drifted under 35, i mean, you want to talk about all kinds of reasons not wanting to be in this going into earnings. lulu lemon, they had not be in
11:25 am
the street by huge margins. last year, usually single digits. lulu lemon had its own issues. from there, it has been virtually straight down. if you are in there and you held it, it is tough. there was one other element that you can use with this. it was up 300% in a year. if i am holding this stock and i amble up whatever, that's great.
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connell: i will go with seattle. dagen: me to. connell: charles was on twitter yesterday picking the broncos. [laughter] connell: neil cavuto is coming in to join us on the latest attacks. dagen: speaking of attacks, over 40 states under attack from the flu. that is coming up. ♪ mine was earned in korea in 1953.
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be three more than just the purge scandal now for chris christie. kristi withheld funds during hurricane sandy or was threatened by the christie administration is what she said. dagen: rudy giuliani commenting about this over the weekend. >> she did not believe any holdup in the funds had anything to do with any retribution. she also said she liked working with governor christie. i think you have to look at her current statement in light of her former statement before this
11:31 am
became an orchestrated pylon. dagen: neil cavuto is here. why now? why is she coming out now and saying this? >> she said she would say this under oath. she would be happy to do that. i live in new jersey. that is where a lot of the meetings are held. remember when he was making the original polish for these sandy funds. he said politics has got to stop. we need this money.
11:32 am
now, there are suspicions that some of the money may be going to areas that it should not have. he has some problems. connell: if he is lying about even part of this, and he is in trouble. >> they have gone out of the way. we still love him. he is still great. he will still win. it is almost as if they are trying to say after they have cheated on you -- not that i would know these things --
11:33 am
connell: they bent over backward. he is our guys. we will patch this up. you are in a heap of trouble. dagen: there are some that like governor christie. >> in a. way, the controversy that has ensued has actually embedded some sympathy. i am not so sure about that. he may not be, you know, the only rose in the garden here. i think for people to assume that he is their only hope, that
11:34 am
is not true. my only point in saying this is be careful how you hang everything on one guy. republicans have done that. he may not be the egg. connell: i am going to get mad at myself for bringing this up, somebody else could easily jump into this. thirty-two. >> that is like italy.
11:35 am
he is the guy to beat hillary clinton. i just think it is important for everyone to step back. i personally like the guy. he is a neighbor of mine. i just think that republicans have jumped on this. we have to do everything we can to hold him up..3 dagen: what we know is today. >> i think it is called into
11:36 am
question. you know, as much as it pains me to say this, there are 49 other states inside of new jersey. that same character is not as admired in south carolina and georgia as it would in parts in newark and trenton. i always thought it would be an acquired taste. it is a declining reservoir. >> i do think, though, we have to rethink this idea of watching onto something early. i just think that different people's time comes at different times. i just think that the leap to try to, you know, prop them up
11:37 am
is premature. [laughter] way too early. connell: thank you, neil. dagen: just remember you have to back up next to each other in the parking lot. connell: neil is here at 4:00 o'clock eastern. thank you, sir. dagen: economists have been predicting a breakout here. putting a damper on this optimism. connell: the great peter barnes is now here with more on that.
11:38 am
many economists think the economy is poised to take off. two prominent consensus forecast from blue-chip economics both see gdp hitting 2.8% this year. some economists expect road to top 3% this year. weak results and warnings from some retailers who serve middle and low income families suggest many consumers are still struggling and watching their spending. consumer spending makes up about two thirds of the economy, as you know. retail sales are stronger. >> i go directly to the
11:39 am
companies and i get information. i am out there talking to human beings. they are telling me that their operations are just not living up to expectations. he expects walmart to worn out earnings next month. connell: peter, thanks. peter barnes in washington. the flu virus is now present in 45 states. we have a doctor who says it is not too late to protect yourselves. connell: amazon passing a new method that could ship your favorite items to you before you even ordered them. ♪
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11:41 am
>> i am lori rothman with your fox business brief. china's growth lowered to the lowest level in six months. it is down from 7.8% in the third order. meantime, anheuser-busch reacquiring.
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union protesting the opening of postal service retail centers at 84 staples stores it replaces good paying union jobs with low wage nonunion workers. that is the latest from the fox business network. giving you the power to prosper. ♪
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connell: flu season is certainly in full swing. connell: how can you protect yourself. we have a guest on to tell you just that.
11:44 am
what would you do now? are we past the peak of the flu season? i think that it is not too late to get a vaccine. i have heard from so many people saying it is too late. it is not too late. i get the flu vaccine every year. perhaps the day after i get a little achy. a little bit of anti-inflammatory. connell: the people who are most at risk, the people who have certain pre-existing conditions, older people, very young people.
11:45 am
>> 18-64. it is children below the age of ten. you have people over the age of 65. you get a bacteria infection. they can cause devastating infections when somebody is really not bound by the flu. people in nursing homes. >> you have never gotten a flu shot or set i have gotten one, i got sick. you will never convince those people to get a flu shot. then what will you do?
11:46 am
>> i think you are right. they have to see someone with a severe case of the flu. if you get the flu once, you will never forget it. they bought a people get the flu, but they do not know they have the flu. it is the really sick people who end up in the hospital. connell: what should you do? it seems that this strain is a little bit worse than what it has been in the last few years. >> what we want you to do is stay in bed. drink plenty of fluids.
11:47 am
take some anti-inflammatories. the anti-inflammatories like i've -- ibuprofen. the flu is so bad. it is so miserable. dagen: we have our stage manager who had the flu. he was out for a couple of days. he always looks sick. thank you so much. amazon patenting amplitudes at dory shipping. it is based on high demand for a product. amazon is anticipating what you could buy.
11:48 am
this all in an effort to increase same-day deliveries. connell: moving on. dagen: what are you looking at? connell: there are so many funny things that could happen. >> i pulled the one thing that was cleaned out of my head. connell: a winter storm is heading for the east coast. dagen: maria molina has more coming up. ♪ [ me announcer ] this the story
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connell: hedge funds are raising their bullish bets on gold. the longest rally we have seen since august. the games will be short-lived. >> on the hedge fund buyers say they believe it is going up. here is a one month chart of gold. silver prices, by the way, also gaining. there is a lot of bullish momentum. obviously, undoing those significant losses. one measure of faith physical
11:53 am
demand is looking at deliveries from the shanghai demands. lots of bullish momentum and gold prices right now. they are up for a fourth straight week. they say they believe the bear market has not ended for gold. how many analysts did you hear calling for gold stocks? gold stocks are outperforming the metal stocks themselves. metal prices, shining. dagen: a new week and a new
11:54 am
arctic blast is heading this way. connell: maria molina joins us now. >> good morning. we are talking cold temperatures. you are to be feeling it tonight in some areas. especially across minnesota. it will get down to 20 degrees below zero. that is without taking into account the wind and the windchill. them by tuesday night, you will make it down into the teens. single digits in buffalo. you will be below zero in places like chicago. single digits coming up for you in the city of boston. this is not as bad as the big outbreak we had earlier this month.
11:55 am
we are still looking at dangerously cold windchill temperatures. we are also going to see a clipper system swinging into parts of the mid-atlantic and northeast coming up as we head into tomorrow and tomorrow afternoon. we do have several winter storm watch is in effect. dagen: maria molina in our weather center. connell: backlash facing governor chris christie in new jersey. they fear him running for president in 2016. dagen: new terror threats emerge as the olympic games, near in russia. ♪ open.
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>> it is unbelievable, but it is true. i am coming forward. i didn't feel that we were going to be able to get the funding. i was concerned people weren't going to believe me. it is stunning, it is outrageous, but it is true, and i stand by my word. cheryl: she stands by her word for the timing seems a bit off. the mayor of one town is claiming new jersey governor chris christie withheld relief funds. plus new terror threats tightening fears ahead of the winter olympic games in sochi, russia. and shipping our products before you even click order. how amazon is trying to change the game for online ordering. on the next hour of "markets now."
12:00 pm
we have a lot going on, dennis kneale. with the market closed, a lot of good discussion points. let's start with our monday panel today. our first issue on the agenda. investigations continue over governor chris christie and the george washington bridge scandal. the small city rocked back in 2012 is alleging the administration withheld recovery aid because the city would not approve a major redevelopment project. let's take it to our panel this monday. sandra smith with us on set. contributor on the new fox business show, so what do you say of this? do you think the democrats are so worried about it chris christie run that they will try and take them down right now? >> at this point given what
12:01 pm
we've already learned about this scandal, it is not impossible to believe something was done here. we don't know what we don't know yet. the one thing that bothers me is this is a sort of standard thing that happens, politicians can put into petty and it looks like petty politics are played into this. cheryl: why was the mayor of hoboken sitting on this? i do believe they are piling on to chris christie in any way shape or form. dennis: i want an investigation into why the mayor of a destroyed town did not go instantly to the public and say i want money for my people, they just threatened me. instead she turns over to a diary. when you look through this diary, she actually says this,
12:02 pm
it is good to see there is a direct connection between something and something. seems like it was filled in later. speakespeaker this is not a conversation with chris christie himself. it was the lieutenant governor. this seems like a bit of a veiled threat. >charles: when i read the diary, wanted her to get psychiatric help. it felt like some of it was written more recently. having said that, of course this will be a federal investigation. random investigation. once i look extremely embarrassed by this. it is ludicrous. remember how devastating it was? if i'm the mayor that town, i am going to everyone. cheryl: that was a year ago.
12:03 pm
this is new jersey politics, they play dirty in new jersey. they are famous for this kind of bullying in the state of new jersey. dennis: if it turns out was true and somebody says do us a favor, we will do you a favor. do we think that is just a matter of how politics works? cheryl: is it politics? sandra: that is not how politics works. >> he may not be the guy who ought to be president. dennis: with that disqualify him for you? >> in my mind his already disqualified. i'm not a huge fan. cheryl: this is a scandal that has erupted, until something else takes it off the front page.
12:04 pm
charles: i have actually come to his defense. whether it is temporary because there is a greater villain out there, the mainstream media witch hunt or something that may be could gel these two parties. be quite honest with you, the greatest threat are the republicans. cheryl: this one is pretty darn interesting. in an effort to get you your packages faster has a plan to start delivering them before you even place your order. amazon ha had a patent a new technology called anticipatory shipping. creepy or convenient? sandra: i think it is brilliant. let's not be naive. we are using e-mail, you are being watched. we have been warned heavily on that. certain geographic regions, there tends to be more products ordered in greater quantities here or there.
12:05 pm
look at what they buy, sending as to the fulfillment center so they're sitting there so there is a possibility of getting it to the same day. dennis: i wonder if it isn't kind of dumb. we have a patent o on the syste, same company the said when you push one button, that deserves patent protection. they mow the lawn mower. but the thought they're going to shift to me. i will order something before i order it. why does everything have to be so fast, why can't you wait a day? >> this is a patent. we find patents all the time with all kinds of stuff in it. it is not sure what the manifestation of this will look like. all they're doing is getting it to the fulfillment centers
12:06 pm
closer to you so you can get same-day delivery. this seems like a fantastic idea. cheryl: charles, they can use the drone technology to get the patent. charles: i think the logical conclusion is they will send you stuff you do not order a high probability that you want, and if it is successful, it is the final dagger in brick and mortar. cheryl: i use amazon all the time. a lot of to put things in my carcard i don't even buy it. i was just talking added. >> wher we are losing the focus. they are going to send it to the fulfillment center. they could get it to you in the same day. dennis: i read a line saying
12:07 pm
they may send some stuff if you order this, we will just send it to you, i would forget to send it back. especially if you're paying to reship something. the algorithm is so good. cheryl: the super bowl is going to be between the seahawks and the broncos. both teams coming from states that have legalized marijuana. in honor of that, should new jersey allow fans that metlife stadium to smoke up as well to celebrate the occasion? dennis: it turns out fans don't need the government's approval to do that. cheryl: charles. a one-day decree welcoming the west coast teams. speeccharles: you may like it b.
12:08 pm
welcome to jersey. sandra: i think everybody is prepared to hear this. dennis: should advertisers play off of it like the way spirit airlines did? should advertisers be promising hashta?cheryl: this would probay never fly in business. >> i'm not sure any of the major pot manufacturers are small mom-and-pop operations. but this might be an opportune time for new jersey to rid themselves of bad policy.
12:09 pm
dennis: it would probably make for much more mellow game. cheryl: they're talking much making medical marijuana legal in new york city. charles: it'll probably be legal in every state eventually. you have to provide people with a ride home. cheryl: thank you very much. you know the temperature will be according to the farmer's almanac? 22. they are always right. 22 degrees, ladies and gentlemen. thank you. dennis: businesses beware, justice department is on a warpath. cheryl: a new terror video has olympic athletes wondering they will be safe in sochi.
12:10 pm
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dennis: at her hitting a new record in fines again corporations last year, federal government place to put pressure businesses for 2014. rich edson has new numbers. rich: 2013 was a second straight to the department of justice collected more than a billion dollars in antitrust penalties alone. a decade ago it was less than a third of what has been the last couple years. that is just antitrust penalties. the government says it was illegally promoting a drug.
12:14 pm
bp and transocean pay hundreds of millions in fines related to the gulf oil spill and the government collected $326 million for fixing prices. governments are cracking down on the u.s. and abroad. >> increasing penalties, they are still primary drivers. you can think both of those regimes continue to be aggressive. the regimes like china and japan and korea who assumed themselves in the arena driving the price up. rich: in 2213 the $1 billion in antitrust fines made up 18th of the fines doj collected for the entire year. back to you. dennis: thank you, rich edson. more terror threats, does putin
12:15 pm
have it under control? cheryl: and fox business open for business. coming up, some advice for your portfolio. [ male announcer ] this is the story of the little room
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>> i am lauren green with your fox news minutes. it is day one of a new framework deal over the program. the nuclear agency confirming they have temporary halted most sensitive enrichment paving the way for the easing of some western sanctions. all part of the six month agreement reached with u.s. and five other world commerce. stymie developments surrounding nsa leak or edward snowden. investigators believe the fugitive stayed at the national in hong kong. house intel committee chair says evidence suggests he had help
12:20 pm
from a russian spy agency. and violence escalating in ukraine. the passage of new anti-protest laws sparking wild clashes with police. protesters standing their ground in the capital today. this after two months of intense demonstrations stemming from a policy move by ukraine's president that steer the nation toward more toward russia. those are your headlines. now back to dennis and cheryl. dennis: thank you very much. a videotaped threat has u.s. security on alert as russia gears up for the winter olympic games in sochi. the u.s. is sending fewer security experts to sochi than any in the past decade. what gives? a senior vice president with the security firm. first of all helping us the security risk went the olympics? >> is probably severe.
12:21 pm
something we are very much concerned about. as international community because of the proximity to the caucuses. they haven't targeted by terrorists inside russia. the killing of 34 people in the past couple of weeks. a viable threat and concern. dennis: how good are th they generally? >> a number of incidents have taken place from the bombings in moscow, in the most recent incident. the people who used to be the kgb taking care security as much as a using their security and prowess to get behind this. still seems to be quite a sincere effort by these terrorists to carry out activity. they would not carry out an attempted attack at the olympics.
12:22 pm
dennis: have to worry about violating civil rights and the lawsuits and the first amendment. does it make it more concerning? >> probably the russians are probably putting a tremendous amount of effort behind security at the olympics. i spoke to somebody who was there in the advanced capacity and they say all along the roadways leading to major venues you have police and military vehicles along the roads. very strong presence of security throughout the olympics and we also know they are doing everything they can to find out who is planning the attacks. dennis: the previous olympics set 50. he don't to this reduction in staff mainly because they will be insulted if we send too many people. we don't see this, why is that?
12:23 pm
>> i don't see this as a concern to our athletes in the u.s. olympic committee because the u.s. government is sending fbi agents primarily to oversee security with the russian authorities. the don't have dates there is possibilities for securing the sites were sticking out his%. what has been placed to do for the team. dennis: why we sending in >> listening half of them to moscow for intelligence matters and comparing information we may have. addressinand listening other pen the ground with local officials and local security apparatuses to make sure that everything possible is looked after for our efforts. dennis: i'll be able to bring even more resources in terms of the eye in the sky?
12:24 pm
can we be watching all kinds of stuff whether the russians like it or not? >> we do have a tremendous amount of athletes, we will be calling on those assets for protection is just the olympic games in the venue, but also for the americans going there primarily for u.s. citizens. if we think there is a threat from these assets weather turns to be eyes in the sky or information through communications. they will share that with the russians. saying that, the russians will be using drones themselves. a tremendous amount going into this. the state department sending over a number of drone people. dennis: great job, we will have you back. thank you very much. cheryl: did you see this, a rare event at the producers guild award?
12:25 pm
the oscars pick for the best picture. dennis: facebook still relevant and cool? or for your parents and friends? have the debate coming up. [ tires screech ]
12:26 pm
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seek immediate medical care for unexpected signs of bleeding, li unusual bruising. pradaxa may increase your bleeding risk if you're 75 or older, have a bleeding condition or stomach ulc, ...or if you haveaids, orkidney problems,.. especially if u take certain medicines. tell your doctors about all medicines you take. pradaxa side effects include indigeststion, stomach pain, upset, or burning. if you or someone you love has afib not caused by a heart valve problem... ...ask your doctor about reducing the risk of stroke with pradaxa. dennis: the markets are closed today and so is land x cable. coming up, chips for your portfolio.
12:29 pm
and a boneyard for old phonies. cheryl: the markets are closed, but we don't care. investment portfolio manager with me now. you are saying opportunity right now, despite the chips being down for this company long-term, short-term, you like it. are we that vein in america? >> obviously we think we are. it has two things, it has in store growth rate and a unit store growth rate. they missed a couple of pennies for the first time in five years. the stock has come in, the multiple. cheryl: it of got killed. 130 in change. it got decimated.
12:30 pm
why are the standard so high? >> it was your classic growth story. it had a very expensive multiple. because it has come down, that is where the opportunity is. investors can step into right now this category killer growth story and make some money. cheryl: this is true, women love to shop there. the stock is down 11% over the last year. let's go over to another very interesting pick you had. cisco you're saying is still the number one company in the business and with everything we're seeing around the world, cisco will profit from that. cisco has been pretty strong performer. >> it hasn't been that strongly performer. it has come down around the 26th level two around the 22 level. if you look at the market, last to the market was up a lot, earnings on the up about 6% meaning multiples expanded in 2013.
12:31 pm
it trades at about 11 times when the market trades at 16 times. about a three to 6% growth story going forward. cheryl: did they expect that for 2013? >> they expect that for the next several years. in line with what corporate america is grilling. it will increase, and remember cisco has been quietly by network security companies over the last three to five years and network security spending will come back in a big way because of all of these breaches and hacks we have seen. dennis: they bought a company, takes off. typically the opposite. the best way to explain this, help me out, actually helping
12:32 pm
network managers, like a mall cop. that is a fair assessment? >> that is an accurate and fair assessment. the hardware, the systems, the guts of it, a growth line on top of the networks. think of it as a very intelligent traffic manager of the different types of data across ms. networks. networks are doing nothing but getting more complicated, more busy to increase traffic. it is growing around 30% on the top line every year, and sits on top of that and and adjust the traffic. very important to see the traffic, and it it and be about it. cheryl: the last six months is down about 4%. why do you think that is? >> it is an ipo that came out
12:33 pm
nine months ago. now it has come back. coming to step in and by this grower. this is a topline growth story. you're really buying this story and the stock because they grow the topline 30%% for the next several years. cheryl: gives us ideas on what we will do when the market reopens back tomorrow. thank you, mike. >> thank you a lot. dennis: facebook may be losing its cool factor with young people. 11 million young people have abandoned the social network since 2011 looking for alternatives like twitter, instagram, snap chat. for morecountless bring in the cofounder. let's start with you, how much of a problem is it if 11 million teenagers out of 1.15 billion users defect?
12:34 pm
spigot is a problem because most of these things are moment, games. if you have the teens starting to go, others will follow. there is the line about people under 30 are digital natives and the rest of us are immigrant. the kids are going to be the leaders and the rest of us are going to follow. dennis: is it enough to make you worry about investing in facebook stock? >> a bit. to me, facebook is taking sort of a swiss army knife approach. a little bit for business, sell some more ads, trying to be news and so forth, and twitter is better news, linkedin is better at business things and so forth. so yes, i think the momentum is going away. dennis: from the advertising standpoint, you've got over a billion people in that tent, teenagers don't have a lot of money to spend anyway. should marketers be upset about this? >> teens are influential.
12:35 pm
facebook for the younger demographic. they can do things for marketer standpoint. dennis: no how hard it is to go to some other place? is that one of the barriers that makes facebook safe? >> it is called the network effect. more powerful it will get. facebook doesn't want to be cool. mark zuckerberg compared it to electricity. electricity is probably pretty cool when it came out but over the years it just became something that ran in the background and powered the daily life. they have used that analogy for the digital experience. dennis: i think one reason the teenagers flea is we saw myspace.
12:36 pm
but facebook may be a critical mass where doesn't have to fear becoming myspace and yet should facebook be doing something to get teens back and what should they be doing? >> i think they learned the lessons of myspace when something is really new, people will make mistakes that they won't make later once they have seen how things play out. momentum is gone. i think they have to do a series of experiments. handling pictures is the thing people really think about. you will see them do more acquisitions. more of the experiment and match
12:37 pm
how social sharing evolves. i don't see it going away. dennis: good job. cheryl: time for your "west coast minute." the wildfires now 80% contained. three men have been arrested for carelessly starting a campfire that sparked the blaze. two dozen structures have been damaged and thousands misplaced. it could be three more days before they could actually get the fire completely out. local officials in hawaii are investigating the state's record number shark attacks last year. 14 to be exact. two of the attacks were fatal and very close to the four seasons and waldorf properties in maui. tourism has not been affected so far. business owners and hotel companies are very worried there. we will see what happens. and how employees go green.
12:38 pm
german software maker installed 16 electric car charging ports at the palo alto campus. it happened in 2010. apparently they didn't build enough. 61 of the 1800 employees went electric and it overwhelmed the chargers and apparently each other's nerves. reports of charge rage incidents is happening at the campus. that is your "west coast minute." charge rage. dennis: nothing like an outraged greeny. google spent the weekend in damage control with a problem on the chrome browser. cheryl: american realty capital ceo is here. he has an outlook. it will be interesting.
12:39 pm
12:40 pm
lauren: i am lauren simonetti with your fox business brief. the state of new york plans to launch a major renovation for laguardia airport. the $3.6 billion project
12:41 pm
includes a new main terminal with restaurants, shopping plazas and free wi-fi. 27 million passengers use laguardia airport last year. number of ccinese chinese visitors coming to the united states will more than tripled by the year 2020 according to a new report from brokerage. they spent $4400 each trip to the u.s. second only to from india. the gdp grew by 7.7% in the final quarter of 2013. down from 7.8% in the third quarter. that is the latest from the fox business network, giving you the power to prosper. as a business owner, i'm constantly putting out fires.
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so i deserve a small business credit card with amazing rewards. with the spark cascard from capital one, i t 2% cash back on ery purchase, every day. i break my back around here. finally soone'recognizing me with unlimited rewards! meetings start at 11, cindy. [ male announcer get the sparbusiness car from capital one. choose% cash back or double miles on every purchase, every d. at's in your wallet? i need your timesheets, larry! cheryl: business continues bucking the trend in a bad way. the stock market may have been soaring, but only gained 3%, one of the worst-performing sectors of the year overall.
12:43 pm
real estate investment trusts, you probably have them in your portfolio. but springer ce let's bring in o nicholas schorsch. let's talk about the commercial reel estate just in general. one of the things you and i were talking about a moment ago was ben bernanke starting with the tapering. starting with a negative way. why wouldn't that kind continue in 2013? >> it was the shock the economy was starting to change, morphing because the economy was getting better. slowly getting better. meaning tapering of the fed easing. cheryl: how did that affect commercial real estate? >> they moved upwards, and with that the fears that in people were moving away from bond type investments, real estate being one of them with tech or
12:44 pm
automotive or other areas turning to grow. cheryl: the biggest portion of your business right now. that is structures that have a starbucks and walgreens, bank of america financial, whatever. you think there is a turnaround story here. >> real estate does better in a good economy. landlord, when the landlord gets to raise the rent, is a good thing the underlining properties. their opening more stores. you can have higher rent in stores. what has been happy last five years is real estate has been a defensive play. as the economy gets better, real estate becomes an offense or growth oriented play. cheryl: lot of different ways to invest. health care, hospitality. power centers, really health care.
12:45 pm
with the baby boomer generation we've seen an explosion in long-term facilities, hospitals, even urgent care facilities. the way you can bet in the aging population. speaker that is the statistic we are all dealing with. we're getting older. the average cost for somebody 65's vote -- which cost of an incident for somebody who is 35. health care continuing to drive, medical office buildings, cute care facilities which is supposed hospital stay, actual hospitals themselves, this a very strong sector and will be at least for a decade. cheryl: assisted-living. whether you have an more critical care for someone.
12:46 pm
>> as the economy gets better, will have more business travelers, three hospitality brands, also seeing it with wouldn't say the budget or the lecture he, it is slate service and limited service hotels. cheryl: is it reasonable? there are 1000 of them out back and take off from my e-trade account. but we have to get to be specific? >> on the big asset classes, kind of the mall, you don't need to. if you get an area like new york or the other areas where their hot and will get better, you have to supercharge your returns by buying specific growth. cheryl: think very much. appreciate it. dennis: raisin toast the economic recovery in the coming
12:47 pm
year. peter barnes has the details. peter: one analyst says they may be wrong because we earnings and warnings from some retailers. two prominent forecast from blue chip economic indicators the national association for business economics both the gdp rising to 2.8% this year from about 2% last year, and some economies expected growth to top 3% this year, maybe even more. but says weak results and warnings from some retailers who serve middle and lower income families like family dollar, express and american eagle suggest many consumers are still struggling and watching their spending. consumer spending makes up two-thirds of the economy, as you know. they warn this may not be good for equities later this year. >> but haven't retail will not show up in the first quarter of
12:48 pm
2014, but it could show up in the third quarter 2014 and when does that get price and the stock market? probably around the second quarter of 2014. as an investor you want to see stocks starts to break down in the second quarter. >> they also say lack of strong growth in credit card debt suggest less than robust economy this year. expects walmart on earnings when it's reports next month. dennis: think very much, peter barnes. media minute time period spent the weekend quelling user outcry over the add-ons to the chrome rouser. their secret code that cluttered up website screens with a delusion of ads in violation of google's own policy. it took them down. a shocker at the producers guild award in hollywood.
12:49 pm
the best film pick had won the oscar for best picture 17 of 25 times, but this year for the first time tied for best pick. gravity and 12 years of slaves. with american hustle a three-way tossup. and paramount becomes the first film studio to stop shipping films. paramount's "the wolf of wall street" the first film to be distributed on digital disc rather than the film reels in use for 125 years. the "l.a. times" says 92% of theaters now use digital projection rather than film. still spend $2000 to ship a digital disc to a theattr, one date will zap the digits over the airway. technology always last a lot longer than you think. cheryl: there could be a tie in the oscars, right? a tie for best picture.
12:50 pm
the jamaican bobsled team were made famous by olympic run back in the '80s. whenever this movie, "cool runnings"? are back in the running asking for your help. >> icy pride, icy power. >> they took the whole world along for the ride. [ male annou] e new new york is open. open to innovation. open to ambition. open to boldids. that's why n york has a new plan -- dozens of tax free zones all across the state. move here, expand here, or start a new business here and pay no taxes for ten years... we're new york. if ere's something that creates more jobs, and ows re businesses... we're open to it. start a tax-free business at
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12:53 pm
cheryl: feel the rhyme one more time. what feels like "cool runnings" 2.0. the jamaican two-man bobsled team is heading to sochi but they need some help getting there.
12:54 pm
trying to raise $80,000 in the next few weeks it will take to cover travel and equipment cost for those games. the nation sites raised over 20,000 so far and numerous other venues joining in. this is a first time the jamaican bobsled team of qualified for the games since 2002. now that the story is out i feel they will make their goal of 80 grand pretty easy. dennis: two people could travel to sochi for cheaper than $80,000. i think they are out to party. after all that, the maker of bella vita worried about the shortage, now the government is warning some products themselves will make you sick. the million pounds of craft valveeta is being taken off the shelves. containing soy protein and soy
12:55 pm
sauce, allergens leading to severe issues for some consumers. let's just recall the entire million p at cheryl. cheryl: remember he was saying i have velveeta everywhere. big plans for the big game? dennis: not yet, but there will be a big batch of chili. cheryl: dennis kneale making chili on super bowl sunday. speaking of that super bowl, this really is a super bowl matchup. the number one defense facing off against the number one offense in the country. joining adam and lori at the denver broncos and seattle seahawks go head to head in the super bowl. dennis: i am calling it the bong
12:56 pm
bowl. and why when peyton wins, omaha wins. cheryl: going to have to keep working on it. (vo) you are a business pro. seeker of the sublime. you can separate runway diculousness... fr fashionhat flies off the shelves. and from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle... and go. and only national isanked highest in car rental customer satisfaction by j.d. power.
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[ male announcer ] call today to get adt for less tha$2 a day. helping protect your business, is our business. adt. always there.
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>> the markets may be closed, but fox business is open for business. welcome back. i am adam shapiro. lori: i am lori rothman. adam: first a drone and shipping before you even order. lori: airline ticket prices are skyhigh. airfares up 12% from the great depression lows. how that this year will get. it will be denver versus seattle battling in frigid new jersey.
1:00 pm
also a surprise winner from championship sunday. the city's brilliant when after both i shout outs. first, the latest developments on the massive credit card breach. new word here on who just may be behind it. >> a russian 17-year-old, a teenager may have been the person who is responsiile for this. he is saying that it was not the 17-year-old.


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